Repairing jewelry at Goldberg Jewelers

Why choose our gallery?

In diversity lies our strength. Ever since our founding in 1987, we opted not to focus solely on the selling of the latest collection of jewelry, but also on the buying and selling of vintage and antique jewelry. These years of experience with jewelry of various styles and from various periods, has translated into worldly knowledge about the physical and cultural characteristics of jewelry and their real market value. Like few others we understand how damaged jewelry, both modern and classic, can best be repaired and restored in their original state. Moreover, our knowledge may help or inspire you to design your own jewelry. And vise versa, you might inspire us, as we are always open to new ideas.
Are you curious as to what a particular piece of jewelry is worth, do you want a piece of jewelry tob e refurbished or repaired, or do you have your own jewelry design that you would like to see created? We welcome you in our shop!


As a family business continuity for us is very important, as is therefore the quality of our repairs. Partly due to our convenient location just outside the expensive  city center of Eindhoven, we are able to offer quality repairs at extremely favorable rates.

For example, we can make a gold ring smaller in size for only €15,-! (this can include sawing, solding, sanding  and polishing!!!)

Its also hard to compete with our low prices for soldering of other gold jewelry or silver jewelry, respectively at only € 10,- and € 3.50 per soldering!

Is your precious jewelry broken? Doesn’t it shine the way it used to or doesn’t it fit anymore? These are examples of problems our two skilled goldsmiths can solve for you. From the smallest repairs to large alterations, we will be up for the challenge.
We deliver craftsmanship at very competitive prices! And you can always visit us for a free quotation.

Jewelry repair