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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with that.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with that.

Customer support

If you have questions about items in our shop, are you looking for something that is not in our webshop (yet), or would you like to have an item from our webshop sized or customized? Then please call or email us and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible. Of course you are also welcome in our store in Eindhoven, where you can view jewelery "in real life" or try it on. On Sundays and Mondays we are closed and cannot answer e-mails or phone calls.

Frequently asked questions

1.1 Opening hours















We are closed during Carnival 2023 (sathurday febr. 18th- tuesday febr. 21th)

1.2 Company info

Chamber of Commerce

KVK 17136193 (Eindhoven)

IBAN number


BIC code



Grote Berg 66 Eindhoven, Nederland

Phone number

+0031 (0) 40 2453667


[email protected]


2.1 How soon do you ship?

We usually ship the next working day, with the exception of mondays, as we are closed on mondays.

2.2 How about International Shipping?

Currently we ship to: 

-The Netherlands,  
-United Kingdom. 
We are willing to ship to other countries, but since we are new to international shipping, please contact us for possibilities. ([email protected])

2.3 Returns

Items purchased in our webshop can be returned in their original state within 14 days. Items that have been customized or made to fit cannot be returned. Please note that when you return an item, you are responsible for the item reaching us in its original state.

2.4 Shipping prices?

Currently the only shipping option in our webshop is through NedPak. A trusted partner, but rather expensive. Please contact us if you favor other shipping options.

2.5 Who are your shipping partners?

Our current shipping partners are UPS and Mikro Pakket.

3.1 Can you size or customize jewelry (from your website)?

Yes, most jewelry can be custom sized or customized, but not all jewelry. It depends on a multitude of factors. For instance a ring completely set with gems, is harder to size, as the tention resulting form increasing or decreasing the size of the ring might result in damage to the gems. If you have questions regarding a jewel, whether it is about sizing, engraving or other customizations, please contact us.

3.2 Can you help me with other repairs or repair related questions?

Yes! of course! You can contact us about all repair related queations.

As a family business continuity for us is very important, as is therefore the quality of our repairs. Partly due to our convenient location just outside the expensive  city center of Eindhoven, we are able to offer quality repairs at extremely favorable rates.

For example, we can make a gold ring smaller in size for only €10,-! (this can include sawing, solding, sanding  and polishing!!!)

Its also hard to compete with our low prices for soldering of other gold jewelry or silver jewelry, respectively at only € 7.50 and € 5,- per soldering!

Is your precious jewelry broken? Doesn’t it shine the way it used to or doesn’t it fit anymore? These are examples of problems our two skilled goldsmiths can solve for you. From the smallest repairs to large alterations, we will be up for the challenge.
We deliver craftsmanship at very competitive prices! And you can always visit us for a free quotation.

4.1 Do i need an ID when i want to sell something?

Yes, we only buy from you if you bring a valid ID with you. Just like in a bank this can be a Passport, an ID-card, aDutch residence permit, or a Dutch driver's licence.

4.2 do you keep a record of what you buy from whom?

Yes, by Dutch law we are forced to keep a record of all items we purchase from individuals. This includes what we buy, when, from whom we buy and at what price
This record is kept in the traditional "analog" way, so we can ensure that only an authorised police officer has acces to this data. We have the moral obligation to help (the police) in the fight against theft, but this fight is not without borders and your privacy is ours to protect. Which is why we are very cautious when it comes to digitally storing personal data.
The current government endorsed semi state-run initiatives to store all this data digitally in a "secure" cloud of which the police guarantee the security (the DOR), is something with more dangers than benefits in our eyes. The Dutch government and police have the WORST track record when it comes to securing data, and government officials cannot guarantee that the data will not be used in the future for other means than looking for possible stolen goods. 

4.3 Do you buy jewelry for more than the price of gold or silver?

For some time now, the supply of used jewelry exceeds demand. Meaning that some of the jewelry we bought for more than the price of its gold content remained unsold. Due to the resulting lack of "flow" we are forced to be more selective in what we purchase for more than the price of gold or silver. So yes, we still do, but only in rare cases when it comes to very special jewelry.

5.1 Do i need to bring an ID when i want to pawn something?

Yes, you can only pawn something if you bring a valid ID with you. Just like in a bank this can be a Passport, an ID-card, a Dutch residence permit, or a Dutch driver's licence.

5.2 What is the pawn term? How long do i have before i have to buy back my pawned goods?

When you pawn something you have a period of 2 months to buy the item back. 

5.3 What is the difference between pawn lending and a regular bank loan?


In practice pawning comes down to; selling an item, with the right (not the obligation!) to repurchase this item within an agreed timeframe, for the received amount and supplemented with a small fee, mostly in the form of a fixed interest rate,  agreed upon beforehand.

Unlike a loan from a bank, there is no obligation to repay the amount. The pledged item simply becomes the property of the lender when the one who pawned it doesnt come to buy the item back within the agreed timeframe.

So when someone cannot buy a pawned item back, than that’s just that, because there is, unlike in the case of a regular bank loan, no residual debt that keeps haunting this person.

5.4 What is the difference between a pawnshop and a regular bank?

Unlike a bank, a pawnshop can not create money out of thin air. Banks are allowed by law to lend more money to people than the banks actually have.  For example: If a bank were to lend € 100,000,- to someone,  the bank does not need to have € 100,000,-  only €10.000,- or even less would suffice. Meaning that at any given time, a bank can loan out 10x the money it has in its account and thus reap 10x the interest! In a free market a bank would be bankrupt as soon as the situation would occur that a bank was forced to come up with more than the €10.000,- it actually had. But in our current paradigm, bankers have the political power to have themselves saved with taxpayers money. A luxury that normal people and businesses like pawnshops do not have. This is a fact often overlooked by many (in politics) who critisize pawnshops and favour banks for their seemingly “more favorable” interest rates.

What  the difference comes down to is this: For banks, there is privitized profits and socialized losses, for pawnshops there are privatized profits and privatized losses. Which do you think is more fair?

5.5 What about laws and regulations?

Since july 2014 a new law is in force governing pawning in the Netherlands. This law, under the pretext of protecting the vulnerable, has done exactly what was predicted and warned about by the bigger parties in the pawning industry in the Netherlands. By suddenly declaring a maximum lawful interest rate that was 77,5% lower than the majority of pawnshops were used to charging, and by outlawing any form of additional service charges, the law brought financial ruin to reputable pawnshops and made it almost impossible for (vulnerable) people to get a pawn loan for smaller ammounts of money, forcing them to permanently sell an item or call upon illegal loansharks.
The many obvious flaws in the research paper the law was based upon were known by politicians involved beforehand. The big pawnshop chains had adressed this issue to politicians in a joined response in april 2013. But without vote in either the House of Representatives (De Tweede Kamer) or in the Senate (De Eerste Kamer), it was signed into law as a formality. Hurting both the sector and the people it pretended to protect, this law was a political favor. But who would benefit from it?

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