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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with that.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with that.

Selling your old jewelry

Selling your jewelry

For over 25 years Goldberg Jewelers has been a reliable address for the purchase of gold and silver. After a free appraisal (in your presence) you can contact us to sell your silver or gold jewelry for either cash or discount on a new purchase from our own collection

-We buy your jewelry for cash or via bank transfer if you so desire.
-Bring your ID. We don't buy without a valid ID.
-If the total ammount is more than €9.999,- it will only be payed via bank transfer. 
-By Dutch law we are obliged to report any sum in cash above €9.999,- to the authorities.  

Gold and silver prices fluctuate over time, visit a website like kitco.com for more information on that trend. For further information on current gold and silver prices, please visit us or contact us by telephone.

We only buy from those 18 years or older,  Valid ID-card/Passport is mandatory!

Do I have to make a special appointment if i want to sell something?No, normally that is not nesceccary.
(Unless it involves large amounts of money that have to be reserved.)

What to expect? Do you also buy jewelry for being "jewelry" instead of just gold or silver? Yes, but not always!To avoid disappointment: We are very picky when it comes to buying vintage jewelry for resale. This is mainly because a lot more vintage jewelry is offered to us in recent years than is being sold by us. Supply seems to exceed demand. Therefore most of the jewelry offered to us, is purchased for the value of the material. So we still buy jewelry as "jewelry", but only for exceptionally beautiful and unique (antique) jewelry that we expect to sell easily.

I see that you also buy watches, do you only buy them if they come with official documentation?Yes, without original papers and box, we are generally not interested in watches.

I have a watch and want to sell it. On the internet the amount costs "X", how much do you give for it?We ask you as the selling party to indicate the amount you would like for the watch. It is impossible for us to take the time to make a good bid for every watch that is offered to us. If you can give an indication yourself, we can more easily say whether it is of interest to us. Avoiding disapontment and unnecessary work. After all, we are mainly specialized in vintage and antique jewelry.

I have a piece of jewelry with a valuation report and want to sell it, how much do I get for it?That depends, of course, on the quality, popularity and expected sales value of the item. Because the price on a valuation report is usually on the high side, in general you will only receive a small percentage of the valuation report value. Click here for more information about price structure and differences between valuation and sales value (in Dutch).

My jeweler does not buy from private individuals, but says that I should sell my valued jewelery at least for amount "X". That is easy talking for the jeweler in question. The value of jewelery is just a matter of supply and demand, just like with most other goods. We therefore always advise to approach various interested parties / buyers and to compare the prices. Then make as informed a choice as possible, that also feels good. Don't sell if it does not feel right!

Why do many jewelers value jewelery, but do they not buy it from private individuals?There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, purchasing jewelry from private individuals entails extra work and risks. For example, there is a risk of buying something that turns out to be fake or stolen afterwards. Buyers are also expected to have sufficient cash in stock and to maintain accurate and comprehensive records that comply with legal requirements. These are no small things and a lot of jewelers therefore make the decision not to persue this.
But there is another important reason why many jewelers do not buy from private individuals.(Or only buy if you buy something else back) And that is because otherwise their high sales margins become clear to their customers. Most jewelers need these high margins to compensate for the relatively low number of sales compared to other branches and their high (security) costs. Although in most cases this is just fair buisiness practice and nesceccary for jewelers to survive, many jewelers still have (perhaps rightly so) the fear that knowledge about these sales margins cannot count on their customers'understanding.


What we buy

  • Silver and gold jewelry
  • Gold and silver coins or bars
  • Platinum jewelry
  • silver cutlery,
  • gold and silver utensils

What we do not buy!

  • Stolen goods; all pawn transactions are registered & serial numbers are checked.
  • Jewellery made from copper, steel or other (non-precious) metals whether or not gilded and regardless of the brand.
  • Fashion watches from brands like Diesel, Armani, Michael Kors, Pulsar, Timex, Armani, Skagen, Esprit, Pulsar, Camel, Guess, Fossil, Oozoo, etc.
  • Mid- segment watches from brands such as Tissot, Seiko, Citizen, Certina, etc.
  • Doublé / gold plated lighters from Dupont, for example.
  • Loose gemstones
  • Watches that are not made from gold or silver.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Not only as far as the law prescribes, but also as a principle / conviction. All your personal data is stored locally. Apart from us, this information is only accessible to authorized (police) officials in the fight against fencing of stolen goods. Questions concerning specific contracts/pawn loans or purchases are therefore not answered unless the questioner can identify himself as being the person concerned and by telephone only if the caller has the correct reference numbers.



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