Antique 14 carat gold bracelet with small pearl and garnet

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Gorgeous antique 14 carat gold bracelet with small pearl and garnet. The bracelet dates from the period 1853-1906. It consist of little garnets laced on four seperate strings with a 14 carat yellow gold decorative clasp inlaid with six small pearls and five garnets. The yellow gold has a rose golden hue. The length of the entire bracelet is ca. 18,5 cm and it weighs 17,2 grams. The decorative clasp is ca. 17,22mm long/high and ca. 25,22 mm wide (that includes the gold in which the strings are set).

  • Garnets on 4 seperate strings
  • 14 carat yellow gold decorative clasp 
  • Width claps ca. 25,22 mm
  • Clasp inlaid with 6 pearls & 5 garnets
  • Length entire bracelet ca. 18,5 cm
  • 17,4 grams
  • Occasion
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