Vintage 18 carat gold earstuds with ca. 0.23ct diamond

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Exquisite vintage 18 carat gold earrings with a total of approx. 0.23ct diamond. The 2 earrings are each  inlaid in the middle with 5 diamonds of varying size; so 10 in total. The back of the jewelry is flat but the front is curved, and is really threedimensional. The earring can be worn both horizontally and vertically. The length of the jewelery (when the row of diamonds are vertically placed) is approx. 14.65 mm and the width is 15.92 mm. The depth - measured from the flat back of the jewel up to and including the highest point of the convex front - is approx. 6.08 mm. The total weight is 8.9 grams.

  • 18 carat yellow gold
  • 10 x diamonds: Total approx. 0.23ct
  • Length: 14.65mm
  • Width: 15.92mm
  • Depth: 6.08mm
  • Total weight: 8.9mm
  • Occasion
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