Vintage 18 carat gold Chopard Happy Diamonds ring with approx. 0.28ct brilliant cut diamond

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Gorgeous and elegant vintage 18 carat yellow gold ring with a total of 0.28ct brilliant cut diamond, made by the luxurious and renowned jewelry brand Chopard. In the circle - behind glass - there are 3 approx. 0.03ct moving diamonds located. There are 24 approx. 0.005ct diamonds placed in a circle and 2 approx. 0.035ct diamonds on the shin of the ring 2. Together this comes to a total of approx. 0.28ct. The glass is engraved with the Chopard logo. The diameter of the circle is approx. 11.37 mm and the height is approx. 4.20 mm. The width of the ornament - the circle and the 2 diamonds on both sides - is approx. 16.65 mm. The width of the ring itself is approximately 2.64 mm. The ring size is 54 / 17.25 and the weight is 5.4 grams.

  • By renowned and luxurious jewelry brand Chopard
  • 18 carat yellow gold
  • 29 x brilliant cut diamond: Total approx. 0.28ct brilliant cut diamond
  • Diameter circle: approx. 11.37 mm
  • Width ornament: approx. 16.65 mm
  • Height ornament: approx. 4.20 mm
  • Width ring: approx. 2.64 mm
  • Ring size: 54 / 17.25
  • Weight: 5.4 grams
  • Occasion
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