Vintage 18 carat bicolor gold ring with diamond England

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Beautiful and elegant vintage 18 carat ring with an octagonal cut diamond. It was made in England. The ring is bicolor: the largest part of the jewel is yellow gold, but the top ornament and the setting of the diamond is white gold. In the center of the ornament the diamond is placed, and on both sides the white gold is edited with 3 diagonal fine lines. The diameter of the ornament (/ setting) in which the diamond is located is approx. 5 mm. The ring size is 16/50 and the weight is 2.3 grams.

  • 18 carat bicolor: yellow gold & white gold
  • 1 x octagonal cut diamond
  • Diameter ornament / setting approx. 5mm
  • Ring size 16/50
  • Weight 2.3 grams
  • Occasion
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