Vintage 14 carat bicolor gold open heart-shaped pendant with diamond

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Lovely and elegant 14 carat gold open heart-shaped pendant with diamond. The jewelery is bicolor: The largest part of the pendant is yellow gold, but a small upper part of the heart is white gold. In this decorated and edited part white gold, a small approx. 0.007ct diamond is placed. The front of the heart is spherical but the back is hollow. The length of the entire pendant (including the eye on which it hangs) is 22 mm, the width is 14.2 mm and the weight is 1.3 grams.

  • 14 carat bicolor: white and yellow gold
  • 1 x approx. 0.007ct diamond
  • Length 22mm (incl. the eye)
  • Width 14.2mm
  • Weight 1.3 grams
  • Occasion
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