Vintage 14 carat white gold matted design bangle

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Very beautiful, minimalistic and reasonably heavy vintage 14 carat white gold (partly) matted design bangle. The inside size of the bracelet is approx. 18 cm. The width of the bangle is approx. 2.20 mm and the depth is approx. 4.54 mm. The weight is 21.8 grams.

Note: On the last picture the bracelet in question can be seen next to 2 other similar bangles; however, these are not included in the price but are sold separately!

  • 14 carat (partly) matted white gold
  • Inside size: approx. 18 cm
  • Width & Depth: approx. 2.20 x 4.54 mm
  • Weight: 21.8 grams
  • Occasion
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