Vintage 14 carat gold pendant with drop shaped citrine

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Beautiful, sleek and special vintage 14 carat gold pendant with a convex, drop shaped citrine. At the back of the golden upper part there is an eyelet  through which the necklace must go. The length of the pendant is approx. 23.50 mm. The width and depth of the convex citrine is approx. 9.95 mm. The inner length of the eyelet is approx. 3.35 mm and the inner width is approx. 1.60 mm. The weight is 4.9 grams.

  • 14 carat yellow gold
  • 1 x citrine
  • Length: approx. 23.50 mm
  • Width & Depth of citrine: approx. 9.95 mm
  • Weight: 4.9 grams
  • Occasion
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