Vintage 14 carat gold leaf shaped earrings

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Gorgeous and very special vintage 14 carat gold leaf shaped earrings. The leaf ornament is beautifully crafted: Largly it is slightly matted and slightly rougher, while the '' veins '' are left smooth. The leaf also makes a waving movement. This makes the leaf look even more lifelike. The back of the leaf-shaped ornament is also beautifully decorated.

The length of the entire earring - including the part that goes through the ear - is approx. 37.15 mm. The width of the leaf is approx. 13.55 mm. The total weight is 2.8 grams.

  • 14 carat yellow gold
  • Entire length: approx. 37.15 mm
  • Width up to: approx. 13.55 mm
  • Total weight: 2.8 grams
  • Occasion
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