Vintage 14 carat gold earrings with amethyst from Russia

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Beautiful and chic vintage 14 carat gold earrings with amethyst. The jewelry is made in Russia, probably in the 50's of the 20th century. The yellow gold of the earrings has a light rose hue. The earrings open and close at the front (just above the amethyst ornament): The earrings can be put on by first inserting it through the back of the earlobe and then close it at the front. The length of the entire earrings is approx. 15.13 mm. The diameter of the amethyst ornament is 7.98 mm. The weight is 1.7 grams.

  • 14 carat yellow gold
  • 2 x amethyst
  • Length earring approx. 15.13 mm
  • Diameter ornament approx. 7,98 mm
  • Weighted 1.7 grams
  • Occasion
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