Vintage 14 carat bicolor gold ring with diamond

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Brilliant and truly unique 14 carat bicolor gold ring with diamond. The ring has been beautifully crafted. In the middle of the ring there are 4 diamonds placed in decorated settings: The upper diamond is somewhat larger than the other 3. On both sides of these diamonds the ring is inlaid with 5 small diamonds in a row: 10 in total. The (length) distance from the top largest diamond to the bottom diamond is 14.95 mm. The ring is bicolor: The largest part of the ring is yellow gold, but the part in which the diamonds are located is white gold. The size of the ring is 16.50 / 52 and the weight is 3 grams.

  • 14 carat bicolor: white & yellow gold
  • 14 x diamond
  • Length ornament 14.95 mm
  • Ring size 16.50 / 52
  • Weight 3 grams
  • Occasion
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