"The Vatican: the miracle of faith"

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"Vatican City (Citta'del Vaticano) : the miracle of faith" is a silver round coming from the collection "First strike of the Euro countries" from the company "Het Nederlands Munthuis".
Celebrate the centralisation of European power in the hands of a few people of whom we, the people are expected to believe, that they decide in the best interest of us. Us being millions of different people from mostly completely different backgrounds and cultures and with many different dreams in life. This centalisation of power is of course only a sign of civilization and not a way to divert power as far away from the individual citizen as possible and to make it easier for big corporations to influence policy on an international scale.
What better way to celebrate this than with this silver coin depicting the Vatican, probably the ultimate symbol of centralized religious power. Brought on the market with the (unintentionally) appropriate title: "The miracle of faith".
This .999 Sterling silver round is partly gold plated and weighs 20 grams. Includes plastic case seen in the picture.

  • .999 silver
  • partly gold plated
  • 20 grams
  • pre-owned
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