Antique 9k Art Deco ring with a 0.055ct brilliant cut diamond

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Unique three-colored antique Art Deco ring with a 0.055ct brilliant cut diamond. A white plate behind the setting, rose decorative curls and the ring itself is yellow. The ring is made of 9k gold (37.5% pure gold in the alloy), so in the Netherlands it falls in the category "Below regulatory minimum gold content", as jewelery in the Netherlands should have a purity of at least 14K(58.5% pure gold the alloy) to be legally called "gold". But this is different in many countries, as for instance in England 9k is considered gold and in Germany even 8k (33.3%) is considered gold. 

  • 9 carat (37.5% gold) (Below Dutch Minimum 14 carat)
  • 0.055ct brilliant cut diamond
  • ring size 17
  • pre-owned
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