Antique 14 carat gold Art Deco ring with approx. 0.15ct brilliant cut diamond

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Dazzling and exquisite antique 14 carat gold Art Deco ring with a total of approx. 0.15ct brilliant cut diamond. The ring itself is yellow gold, but on top the setting is white gold. In the middle of the ring 2 larger (old cut) brilliant cut diamonds are embedded, each approx. 0.08ct. On both sides 3 (so in total 6) small diamonds are placed. So in total the ring is embedded with 8 diamonds: 2 large and 6 smaller ones. The ornament is approx. 7.49 by 11.64 mm. The size of the ring is 17/54 and the weight is 1.4 grams. This gorgeous piece of jewelry would make an mazing and unique engagement ring!


  • 14 carat yellow gold: On top setting white gold 
  • Total 8 diamonds: approx. 0.15ct
  • 2x old cut brilliant cut diamond approx. 0.08ct
  • 6x small diamond
  • Ring size 17/54
  • 1,4 grams
  • Occasion 
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